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Design and Producing Process

Product design and development

After research and gathering information, the designing phase is starting and during the process we test pressure and endurance of our products. we also consider the usability, and performance of products. In this phase we have a design with specific dimensions and materials.

Producing and quality control

After successful prototype and simulations. we build the product. our quality control department checks the product and send it to the delivery department.

Product defining and research

Includes defining ideas and product specifications, usage and applications in businesses and different industries, market research and demands, competative analysis, and product enhancement

CAD/CAM and final experiments

With using of 3D modeling software, we design product and analyze it with pressure and torsion, static index and aerodynamic tests. in this phase we analyze the product performance and if there is problem we are going to fix it in this phase

Outstanding variety of products

Iran Pash company is one of the rotary modeling association members and has a world record of biggest producer of polyethylene tanks in Guinness Book of world records.

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